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October 20, 2012
At the Overton Park on the Grass!
Spectators free of charge!
There will be a live band!
Click Here to see some pictures of previous shows!
Click here to see our Car Show classes
Entry Fee $25.00($30.00 at gate)
Vendor Fee is $50
Free Full Breakfast For all Registrants
A Drawing will be held for all registered participants
Food Vending/miscellaneous!
Come check out the biggest car show ever to hit Overton!

Participants Form(Please mail a check with form)
    Vendors Form(Please mail a check with form)
    • Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce
    • P.O. Box 361
    • Overton, NV 89040

    Directions to Overton!
    Sponsored by the Moapa Valey Chamber of Commerce
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